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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 92
October 2010
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People Updates

Healthy and positive vibes are sent to crittermilker  as he recovers from fairly major surgery to repair the top two vertebrae in his neck (crushed by a silo door coming down).  We suspect he will be a horrible patient, but at least the meds are good!  For more details on Lennie's progress Judith's update.

As you all know, SlamDoc21  has had some major medical issues (and you know they had to be bad for him to not be online).  Here is an update from Fred.

"Well, it started with pains in my mid-top of my shoulders. It had gotten to the point that it bothered me so bad; I barely wanted to be online, or run my bootleg cd and dvd businesses. My Techs, nurses, cafeteria people, office workers and friends all worried for over 2 weeks. I also have an area on my behind that tunneled and caused me to have infections I also had a kidney infection to the extent that my urologist said over 6 months ago that it would never leave totally unless I use a pubic catheter. The one inside me is a long term one. Although, I do not need it, I use it to prevent leaks. Well, not long ago, it would not drain properly which exacerbated the infection.

It got to the point that I had no appetite, and barely ate anything. My chest area felt like it had the ultimate gas bomb under the cavity. I finally got tired of fighting a war that I could not win by myself and checked into one of the highest tech. hospitals in Miss – the E.R.at  Forest General.

They did everything possible. I had such a bad U.T.I., that they actually inserted a dialysis tube. My sugar came in at over 800, my blood pressure was under 50 on high and low levels, and my potassium was high.

During the time that I was in I.C.U. there, I went under 3 surgical skin debridements. They gave me some kind of dope to raise my blood pressure through a pick line with 4 lines in my neck. Same place they drew out and bagged me to give me more. I had to lay on my sides almost flat the entire stay until feeding.

Once I was discharged from ICU, I moved up on a floor suite – a nice big room where I resided until my departure.

Well, the nursing and therapeutic center could not uphold the rest of my antibiotics because they were so short on staff with registered nurses who were needed to administer my antibiotics throughout my healing. My time ran out at Forest General for that easy task, with dressings changes twice a day. That is located on my behind, and feet. The feet were once a day, then every 3 days, now none.

So, the case workers gave me 3 choices of a longer term hospital: one on the Gulf, one in Meridian (old), or the one they helped me choose. I demanded internet. Took awhile, but received it after a weekend. I'm now located in Jackson (JackTown, Ms.), at a hospital named Select Specialty. Very good nurses at both places I've been. The food here sucks. The previous hospital located in Hattiesburg  (the Hub City Ms.), had really great food.

The last I heard is, my kidneys are functioning better. They had to discontinue an antibiotic that was damaging my kidneys worse. The last that I was told is, I will be here over the weekend. I am waiting to be discharged, and then transported by ambulance, back to Columbia MS, my home!"

We all wish you well Fred, as much as we want you back in action, we want you to be healthy above all else.

Our good friend smiles19023  wanted to our readers to know a little more about her.  So I called the National Enquirer and TMZ and you won't believe the stuff that came out.  She admits to being a little crazy but did you know that it took the midwest 3 years to recover from an invasion by Robin and a friend.  Heard there was some serious fun that went on, Karaoke, bars, flirting, vacuum cleaners, bull riding (well maybe they were bulls).  She also has something of a history as a stalker and or stalkee (ask bdddy3183).  She might be into tranning and worst of all, messing with the newsletter editor lol.  Any way you look at it, you get lots of smiles and fun with her.

Congratulations to wonagametwice on completing his annual charity bike ride for MS - your support of this great event makes a difference - especially those Eliters who are cursed with this disease.  WTG Joey.

As always, thanks to those who sent news - we really do care about our players, so if you need encouragement, prayer, or have some news to share with us, remember to just drop us a line.

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