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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 94
December 2010
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Member Anniversaries

Congratulations to all members celebrating their Eliters anniversaries this month.  For the first time ever we recognize members who have been here for 11 years - a special word of congratulations to our veterans!  

7th Anniversary 8th Anniversary 9th Anniversary 10th Anniversary 11th Anniversary
amightylemondrop AngelAtHrt2002 almost_an_angel_4_u kash_kow55 balouza
annettelew05 better_take_cover brichris26 BlooPansy
bibarib2 bjcutie_69 CQinMaine2
caca2uboohoo CaffeineShocked cribbagemaster36526
DubuqueDowns ColdFire1025 flabeliever
Giraug0 EcSEriK ginmaster333
i_am_the_coca2005 elitesbestloser girlinlostforest
Iamneeda2006 gofetch_us iamsam2001
jaginuz hardknox28 jbak62
jared_craig2003 hortonscove1 jinnyjazz
jetpowr iamhiroler26 juliebayougal
know1st imacard2002 morgieelite
lindsayjo1501 joewall97526 natluvscards
mringshank maverickopp1 nora_ashida
Rootsaloter michaela96666 nuttinnice93
wn1480 MJavy5 okokyourtheboss
omacando2001 ovaeezy
pestescricciola pflmark44
playmate_annie Playball33
reggae_star2002 sistersara1962
sillychula50 skunkione
smiles19023 thetaxiguy42
Sugargallon tigershark222000
trubble_as_always1 tnstretch
vodkaman16 toanmx
wonderwoman_jj write_this_down01
xspadezdevilx wylde_in_maine69

Complete list of players celebrating Eliter Anniversaries this month

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