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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 95
January 2011
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SlamDoc21 and his Eliter Family

I wouuld like to share something with my Eliters Family.

Some of you have read my Eliters Newspaper Interview, and read part of what has happened in my life to be in the condition I am. O.K. here is something to add.

On December the 17, 1998, I was in a ICU in the Wesley Medical Center, located in south Mississippi. I had been there since the day of my wreck on Oct. 17, 1998. My girlfriend was very nice to me, and stayed with me in the ICU. I had a Aunt on my dad's side that road with me to the hospital on the day of the wreck. Then she visited me often as she could.

Well, one day, my girlfriend had went home to refresh, and to get personal necessities. While she was away, my Aunt paid me a visit. While she was there, a nurse came and gave me a pill to take. When I took it, I started filling like I was burning, the room felt hot, my breath was shortening.

I yelled "Aunt T, open the window, I feel really hot. She says, boy, it's cold in here, what' wrong with you. I says, I'm hot, my skin is crawling, I am short of breath. She says, you'll be alright, calm down.

Then I started looking at that window. I was like, I heard of black cats as a superstition on the roof or crossing our path, but never hear of a blackbird sitting on a window pane. I started saying in my mind wow! MAO!

Next thing I knew, I was awaking later. My girlfriend was in the ICU room. My Aunt had departed. I was asking my girlfriend what happened. As I tried speaking, I noticed that I had no voice, and could feel something heavy on my neck more than the neck brace that was already there for a broken neck. I could not move, as I was a Quadriplegic. (now paraplegic)

She says, we almost lost you. They had to resuscitate, to bring you back. You were out for all of the time allowed, and you came back in the last minute before they gave up.

The reason you cannot talk is that your vocal chords were cut, and you have a breathing tube in your neck.

Well, on Dec. 23, 1998, they released me from ICU, and sent me home to my family with good results. They wanted me to spend Christmas at home. That was the greatest Christmas for me ever. (to live)

My parents had already passed away. But, my family was there. Thank GOD for pulling me through!

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