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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 95
January 2011
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Swiss Format

Eliters is considering adding Swiss Format to the tourney options.  Please Vote using the Poll Section at Eliters Main Page Menu or at the Main Club Page Menu.

In a Swiss Tournament, every player plays in every round regardless of their match results. Each win counts as one (1) point, and each loss counts as zero (0) points. 

Swiss System format (SW) is available for 1x1 and 2x2 teams structure tourneys (1 Player against 1 Player and Partner tourneys). 

In SW Format, the tournament is completed when there is only one Player/Team remaining who is undefeated. 

  • The minimum number of Players/Teams in an SW tourney is 4 Players or Teams. 
  • Players/Teams will be assigned a seed based on their Rating or on Random basis (in Partners tourneys that are seeded by Rating, the seed will be based on the Rating of Player A). 
  • If the number of Players/Teams is odd, the Player/Team with the lowest Seed will be awarded the "Bye". 
  • Player/Team having a Bye will get a win and 1 point. 
  • Undefeated Players/Teams should play other undefeated players so that the tournament eventually comes to an end. 
  • Everyone is playing someone with the same score (or as close to the same score as possible). 
  • No previous pairings are duplicated. Players/Team should NEVER play the same Player/Team twice. 
  • In every score group, the top half players are playing the bottom half players in order. 
  • All matches wins and losses will be posted as soon as reported to Players' matches stats. 
  • Players may withdraw after the Round is completed. 
  • Tourney played and victory will be posted on finishing the tourney to Player's tourney stats. 
  • The tourney Prizes Pot will be allocated to all Players based on the Points accumulated during the tourney. Players will also get the appropriate Activity Bonus; if Player #1 is a Diamond Member s/he will get 2 x 20 YEPs = 40 YEPs as Activity Bonus. 

    There is a variation to the SW Format Called True Swiss (SW-T) Format; where the number of rounds is preset by the TD before the tournament starts and regardless of the number of participants, the number of rounds does not change once the tournament begins.
  • Swiss Format Poll

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