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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 99
May 2011
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Bowling Pogo (bowlp) News

To celebrate our 5 year Anniversary, bowlp invites everyone to join in the fun and have some great bowlp fun!

  • May 1 to May 7 - Badge Week (Bowlp Elite 2011)
  • May 2 - Special Anniversary Tourney 2300 BB 100/400
    Will also be "First Pitch" of Basebowl League (Special Dignitary to "Throw Out" first pitch)
  • May 8 - Special Anniversary Tourney 2000 DUTCH200 100/400 Hosted by Eddie
  • May 26 - Special Anniversary Tourney 2100 1 BALL 100/400 Hosted by Marla
    Basebowl League runs for 18 weeks from May 1 to Sept. 3. Full details in Club(#311275/311276). "First Pitch" will be "Thrown Out" by a very Special Dignatary May 2 @ 2300.
    Baseball Invitational begins May 1 for 4 months. Play in 9 Premium Tourneys each month to earn your Invitation on the 1st Sunday of the following month. Full details in Club(#311266/311267).
  • May 15 - Marathon : 96 fub packed Tourneys
  • "Marla's Monthly Invitational" honours Mother Day in May. Play in 8 Premium tourneys hosted by Marla from May 10 to May 26 to qualify for Invitation and 800 Yep Bonus on May 31.
  • All of our standard events. (TOC, BOS-2, PAT, WELCOMES-4 and OLY).
  • After 21 months since Aug. 2010, Trivia Quiz finishes its run in April. Beginning in May will be the new network craze.
    JEOPARDBOWL HOSTED BY RIGELO TREBEK. Watch Club for all the details.
  • And the BIG FINISH on Monday May 30 @ 2230
    • Invitation Tourney for all Eliters who have played in any or all of the Special Anniversary Tourneys On May 2, 8 or 26
    • A BONUS or 50 YEPS per Invitation will be added

We also want to congratulate two of our tds on remarkable accomplishments

  • Kim (lynne2008) Hosted her 3,000th bowlp Tourney in April.
  • Rick (rigelo2) Hosted his 4,000th Tourney in bowlp and in just 2 years and 10 days.

Keep checking the bowlp club for further announcements.  Come on over and join in the fun - its our way of thanking you for making bowlp the fun league!


For more information on Bowlp 5 Year Celebrations Click here

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