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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 99
May 2011
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Club Postings

Just a reminder that Club Postings are a privilege and subject to strict guidelines.

To post a message, Click on Post Message on the Clubs Menu, and enter the Title and Message in the boxes provided.

  • Use a representative Title to the message you are posting.
  • Try your best to be clear and concise.
  • Don't use long paragraphs, break your message in points.
  • Don't use all CAPS when posting a message or message title.
  • We should all exercise due care when using html and limit the use to links, colored text, bold and centering. Any post containing different fonts, sizes and Marquis will be deleted.
  • Maximum characters for message body is 3,000.
  • Messages that contain advertisements or offensive language will be removed.
  • Be aware, the content of your messages may be seen by all Eliters. Please be smart, don't post your phone number or any details you don't want to share with others.
  • Please don't spam all clubs. We have a 'General' Club for messages you wish to appear to all Members. Please post no message more than twice: once in its 'native' club, and once in 'General'.
  • The Clubs are Public Forums and are read by all Members of all ages, races, and religions, so it is important that we maintain certain standards of civility.
  • While we do not specifically prohibit discussions of touchy subjects such as politics or religion, we ask that you be aware that these discussions can easily get out of hand. If necessary we will remove ANY thread that gets out of control and bring it to a halt.
  • Please try to be positive, objective, and constructive in your posts.
    • Messages or threads deviating from the original subject, or turning to a futile debate, or discussing any unrelated matter to the specific Club, will be deleted without notice or justification.
    • All replies to any deleted message will be automatically deleted.

Also be aware that the Clubs Director (golfinmimi4) does not sit and monitor every single club posting every single minute.  It may take time to address an inappropriate club posting.  And please remember that we provide forums in the Politics Club (where you can rant to your heart's content), the Religion Club (if you feel so moved to share your faith) as well as some more lighthearted clubs (Joke, Cooking, Movies, etc.)

More details on Club Posts

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