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Marty's World Travels Part 4 New Zealand Prepared by: walter_gruntfuttock
June 6, 2006 Newsletter - Interviews - What's Up Eliters!

Welcome back Marty,thank you Marty, hehe.

My next trip would be to Japan, New Zealand, Austrailia and Singapore. Always wanted to visit these places, so Marty this time travelling alone (well I had myself as company), flew from London Heathrow to Tokyo in Japan on October 31, 2005.

No Eliters that i know of in Japan but what pleasant people they are. Tokyo is very busy, the trains are superb, on time. Everything is in English or Japanese but no Sillytonish.  I visited a wonderful zoo in Ueno, I love animals so much, especially Penguins (would love to stay with Penguins on an island and waddle about with them).

I only had a couple of days in Japan then off to New Zealand here Marty goes. Always a dream to visit the Kwiw's. Have heard so much about the beautiful scenery. They filmed King Kong and Lord of the Rings and many more great films.

I knew 3 Eliters that lived in New Zealand, that was Aking2b1, Danni90nz and danglesnz. There are 2 islands,the north and south, I was to visit the North island and visit Aking2b1 in Auckland. Paul (aking2b1) was to meet me at the airport, which was very kind of him. We met, said our hellos and picked up my hired car at Hertz, I was to stay nearby in Manurewa in a pleasant motel, near to a bar (yippee).

I met Paul's family and had din dins with them. Paul is a very quiet guy, good hearted and was my tour guide for the next few days. I drove Paul and myself through lovely coastal scenery, the only dissappointment was the weather was overcast. The views and the beaches were amazing and the cd playing along with us some tunes to sing to.

We shared a few beers that night before I was to leave Auckland at the bar around the corner from the Manurewa Motor Inn. Was a friendly crowd of folks there and they had a disco on, Marty likes to dance when merry. I did ask the DJ for Dancing Queen the ultimate disco song, but lol she said if I play that the bar will empty. Lion Red was New Zealand's number 1 beer, so we had a few and also Speights various ales and DB Bitter is popular with New Zealanders. After a few hours and alot of laughs Marty said his goodbyes to Paul and headed to the Motel for an early start tomorrow.

Paul and his family are wonderful people and it was a pleasure meeting my first Eliter from the other side of the world.  Thank you Paul.

I had a five hour drive to Bell Block near New Plymouth to visit Danni90nz (Angie). We had played Euchre before and talked on Yahoo Messenger, so i was looking forward to meeting my second New Zealander. It was a pleasant drive straight down from Auckland, I stopped after 3 hours to visit Waitomo Caves, which was recommended for a visit. Wow, superb caves, home of the glow worm, also amazing scenery. After the caves the roads were winding along the coastal route, breathtaking views and such a delight after travelling for such a long time.

Finally i met Angie 6 hours later after i left Manurewa, it was right on the coast. I met Angie's wonderful children, very well behaved and their neighbours. I took Angie out for a curry din dins which was yummy yum yums, I brought beers to drink back home. I was tired and left Angie playing on computer and to have a few beers, but to my amazement lol I found next morning all the beers drunk lol (oh Angie lol) and no hangover. I only had a couple of days in Bell Block with Danni90nz before I was heading to Oz (Australia). I took her neighbours out to the bar and had a few beers then they cooked some wonderful fish dishes Pawi, even with Marty being a fussy eater, I did enjoy it and hering which was also cooked.

I had another wonderful time with a dear Eliter and really enjoyed my first visit to New Zealand.

Coming Up Next part 5 Australia (visiting the sisters Margaret and Liana)

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