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Marty's World Travel - Part 5 Australia Prepared by: walter_gruntfuttock
June 6, 2006 Newsletter - Interviews - What's Up Eliters!

Woohoo what a great place New Zealand was, now it was time for Marty (thats me), to visit another country. I have always wanted to visit Australia, the land of Sunshine, great folks and my favourite accent. The Aussies to me sound so cheerful in their accent and are fun loving people.

I was to arrive in Sydney at 8 pm, thats the evening folks. My trip was to meet distant cousins in Hervey Bay in a few days, but now to meet more Eliters the sisters margaret_aussie (Margaret) and me_myself_an_zen (Liana). I had known Liana for about a year from Euchre and Margaret only a few weeks before this trip, but she had helped me out planning a few things and also said that I could stay with them for a few days before I head off to Hervey Bay. Not only could I stay with them, but also they were to pick me up at the airport in Sydney, and as they live 3 hours away in the capital of Australia Canberra.  So wow, that was so very  nice of them to do this for Marty. 

When I arrived at the airport, I recognized them from pics, we said our hellos (g'days) and huggies and set off to Canberra stopping at their relatives to pick up some paving slabs, lol, which we couldn't find in the end, there was the three of us in the pitch black in the garden looking for slabs, but was fun though.

We arrived in Canberra in the early hours and went to bed.  I was to stay for a few days at Liana, Gerry and family, who were wonderful people and had a few computers so I could keep in touch with Eliters and play a few Tourneys. 

Liana took me around Canberra to a few places and some wonderful views, the Royal Mint (Not the chocy folks, but coins).  The weather was fine, whoohoo shorts and t-shirts.  Liana has a voice of an angel and a great cook, a truely dear wonderful lady. We all went out to din dins at the RSL Club where they have poker machines, fruit machines, etc, bars, yum yums, a very nice fun place.  I was Margaret's lucky mascot, she had won a few dollars to go towards Christmas presents, etc.  Poor Marty won nothing, but was okey dokey at lest one of us did. 

We all sat and had a very nice dinner, no curry for Marty (LOL) but we all enjoyed each other's company, Liana sung a little, Margaret was sloshed (hehe just kidding) and dear famous Wally was such a great pleasure to meet. We shared a couple of ports the previous day at Margarets place, such lovely wonderful folks that it is a shame I only had a couple of days with them all, but a few great fun days. I will never forget and will always cherish all these memories of meeting so many wonderful Eliters from around the world.

Gerry dropped me off at the airport and I connected a flight from Sydney to Hervey Bay where I spent over a week with my distant cousins. I had a great time there and visited Fraser Island, the largest sand island in the world and it was amazing, paradise.

After leaving Australia, I visited Singapore for 1 day before heading back to Sillyton. Singapore, wow, what lovely folks. I spoke to the waitresses and waiters at the Hard Rock Cafe and visited the famous Raffles which was splendid.

All in all I had an amazing trip, only snag was wish I had more time to spent with Paul, Danni and Liana and Margaret and Wally. Two places I had dreamed of going to and I now have visited both and lots more dear Eliters from Oz I didn't meet Bs, Cammie, Pooh to name a few. I hope to go back one day and visit them all again. 

I would love to spend a year travelling the USA meeting so many dear Eliters, maybe I will. I can be a handyman or butler, lol, if needed.  Canada is next on the cards for marty at Christmas and a few trips to Belgium. 

Anyone from the North Pole? I always fancied going there.

Bye bye for Now folks

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