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Eliters Story
TD GALA STORY Prepared by: debzgame
June 6, 2006 Newsletter - Interviews - What's Up Eliters!

Once upon a time in a land far, far away there was a cyber city called ELITERS.

Eliters was made up of many suburbs. But the suburb in our story had some very interesting things happening.

The Mayor of the suburb was an odd man who lazed around in “house settin britches” shooing dog gnats that always seemed to be near his drinks. The man’s name was Goodwrench or as most affectionately called him, Jr.

Jr heard that the people of the suburbs were feeling depressed so he called a counsel meeting. He told his counsel of his finds of depression and asked for their support in finding a way to cheer up his burb’s people.

Vt_spirit suggested going for a cabby186 ride. That always cheered her up!! :o)) Lindsayjo recommended foot massages and pedicures for all! Margaret_aussie couldn’t suggest anything since she was too busy under the table. Jr pondered all the ideas, but thought it still wasn’t quite what he was looking for.

BoMcbride stepped forward to offer up his special ruler to measure the unhappiness, but this just made the lady counselors point and laugh.

Jr was baffled, what could he do? Suddenly he snapped his fingers!…’ve got it! Mule Rides!..Sistersara stepped forward with a long face to explain to Jr, that the Mules had been working very hard lately and it might be too much for them. Jr sat back and shooed a few more gnats as he continued to ponder this problem. Ejhoff stepped forward, and apologized for his lack of assistance on this, but ever since he had the lil with the dog and the Frisbee accident he was rather afraid to try new things.

Suddenly, jbailey spoke up, which wasn’t very often, so all took notice and waited intently to hear what she had to say. She suggested that maybe, she could share her private “Ron Jeremy” collection. Out of nowhere came a loud burst of laughter.

Domoreracing suggested that maybe, he could teach the ABC‘s or share his special birthday cake but Jr just gave him a knowing look, and continued to look for new ideas.

Nfghitormiss thought maybe he would bring his guitar in and play some music for everyone. That would certainly cheer everybody up. Jr still wasn’t 100% satisfied with the ideas.

As Jr glanced around the room he noticed that not all of his people were present. So he asked a few of his loyal friends (C_reier, euchygoddess, Lynx and gotta_issue) if they would make some house calls to round up the rest of the gang. Jr reminded them to be careful when they show up at dustkimk01’s house because there was a rumor going around that she has a loaded gun at every door. Jr also warned them not to wake up Viking_fan_josh he needs his rest because of the long strange hours he keeps.

Jr decided to make a few phone calls while the others sat around and tossed ideas back and forth. He called on his dear friends from Australia Tazbsau, cammieace2005 and kapstern but was he in for a surprise when he found out they were all out on a kangaroo hunt and would be gone for 3 days.

Poor Jr he was getting really frustrated now. How could he cheer up his people??

Liiizzzard thought maybe it was time to order something to eat… that might help them think better. How about Pizzzzza for everyone!

After a nice hour long lunch break they all gathered back to the table to try and come up with some more ideas.

Helsbels said he could borrow some monkeys from the zoo to maybe cheer people up. But that still wasn’t good enough for Jr.

Nukemyukem stood up and shouted loudly “I’ve got it- I’ve got it” “I can do my famous wanker dance for everyone!!”

Euchrepro didn’t like that idea because he liked to be called the ladies toy boy and he knew if nukey did his wanker dance that would give him a little competition.

Liquorish82 said she could have a riddle contest after all she was the little riddler of the group.

Jr calls in his pal bigstixman01 but before he can even ask him for ideas stix asks “am I in trouble or what”?

No, No, Jr explains I am just looking for ideas to cheer up the people of the burbs.

Jr was saddened that his friend amshullswife was out of town with her husband who is serving our country. He knew that she would be able to come up with some good ideas. He also knew that vixen_deb1955 would have some good ideas but she is always so busy moving that he has a hard time reaching her.

Jr also decided because some of the gang is very competitive like peekabooyeps and ironman5197014 and some are even known as rating hogs (minus the g) that all the games would be played for fun only!

The Euchre party was a huge success they all got a kick out of bcalvert_03 saying humini humini for good luck before each game.
Jr was very pleased that they had such a huge turnout and thanked his assistants for coming up with such a great idea.

It just goes to show that behind every great man are 2 lovely, yet intelligent women.

Hey—we wrote the story.. of course we can be the heros!! LOL.

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