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Mary and Walter's Wedding! Prepared by: outlawsmrs
November 5, 2006 Newsletter - Interviews - What's Up Eliters!

One day, I was in the GFY (Go Fish Yahoo) lobby. I saw this guy talking in the lobby, neonboy3000. I decided to check out his profile. Ooo...it says he is single...I said to myself, lol! I am not one to check out every guy's profile.  I put him in the back of my mind, because I was currently going through an on/off relationship.  At that time it was off, but I was still talking to that person.

I knew I was going to have this Walter guy in my life somehow...how exactly? I didn't discover until later on.  Ever had that happen? Know something was going to happen, but you didn't know what? Oh, I so wanted to know more about this fellow!

Another day, I saw neonboy in the lobby again. I can't remember exactly which lobby, go fish or spades, and he said something quite intriguing.  So I said, are you single? He said, yes I am...weeeeeeeeee I thought to myself, lol!...=)

So, he approached me in IM.  He said, why did you ask why I was single? I said, because of something you said in lobby.  Later on I had to tell him I was talking to someone else, even though I knew I needed to forget and let the other person go... and move on.  Finally...and I wish I still had the archives...Walter (neonboy3000) and I started talking, and then I was falling for him...=)

I put the other person on iggy...lol! ...and that was that.  I knew I was going to meet this Walter fellow.  I was determined to spend the rest of my life with this man!   And guess what? We are now married...heehee.  For once in my life, I was right...right to get to know this Walter fellow...right to meet him...and right to marry him.  =)


The day before we met (I say this because he arrived after midnight) ... Ooo I was nervous...and I showed it by cleaning to keep my mind off being nervous.  I decided to finally move the pc to the desk that was given to me a month or 2 before.  I logged back on and got an offline from Walter..."where are you hunny? I am starting to get worried"...or something like that, lol.  I guess he thought maybe I was going to back out, lol! No way was I going to do that, lol!


Anyway, later that day he IM'd said he was going to shower and be on his way.  More waiting, lol!  I cleaned some more...vacuumed, oh, 3 or 4 times, lol!  Even vacuumed at 11 pm or midnight or so at night.  I was talking to my friend Angie (elite_addict, another Eliter) most of that evening while waiting for him. I went outside several times to see if he had gotten there yet.


This was during a hurricane...rain, rain, more rain, lol! Wind...mud.  He came through the mountains of Pennsylvania to meet me in my home of Ohio, so I became worried because it was 1 am.   I went and prayed on my knees for him to arrive safely.  =)




It was 1:20 or 1:30 or 1:40 am or so, and here comes this black Volkswagen into the apartment parking lot.  Oh, that's him! I said to myself, lol.  He waved.  I was nervous.  I think he waved twice, so I finally waved, lol...and started to blush...lolol!    He parked the car.  We went inside, and we talked a bit, and then went to sleep.... with our clothes on people...lol!  I know what you're thinking, lol!


The planning to get married...ugh, waiting, lol.


We came across a few problems getting a dress for me and a tux for Walter and having the wedding we had actually planned.  I came across this lady named Diane on a website where I’m a member. She wants to get her business going again. (Ask me for her email address, she has great ideas!) She had offered to decorate for our party after the wedding for free knowing our situation, but due to a lack of funds plus a coming move to a house, we had to put the party on hold.   Diane still wanted to at least make flowers for us. They were beautiful!   She also gave me a dress to wear for the ceremony! And, Walter was just fine with just wearing a suit.  =) (He looked fine too, lol!)


The day we married.....more waiting, lol!


The time to get married that day was at 3:30.   I almost could not believe that it was actually the day.  I had been counting down for more than 4 months! Hershey (Harold) and his wife Hazyjagss (Julia), two Eliters, said they would be able to come to Ohio from Indiana for this. Walter said, "I hope they get here soon, it will make the day pass faster". I guess he didn't like waiting too much either, lol!


Then they arrived. Harold shot a little video of Walter. I discovered this days later in email, lol!


We visited for awhile, then we got ready and headed to the courthouse. Oh no! More waiting, lol! Sigh...poor Walter, you could tell he was nervous...lol. The courtroom was super busy that day. Finally, we were told we could just go to the judge’s chambers privately to get married. It was Walter and me; Kayla and Hope (our daughters); Little Walter Jr. (our son); and Harold and Julia with the Judge and his assistant. I forget who he was, lol. We said our vows, and BAM...we were married, lol!


Then we went outside and Julia took pictures. We then went to Golden Corral for dinner...=). I didn't eat too much. We were all busy visiting some more. Then, it came time for Harold and Julia to leave...=(...so, we saw them off.


After that Walter and I and the kids went home and took some more pictures with our little camera.   The day was soon coming to an end. I didn't want it to come to an end. But, the good news is...our life was not coming to an end...it was a new beginning...=)


I love you Walter. I will love you for the rest of my life.





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