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What Makes Eliters Special to Me? Prepared by: runaway0509
August 1, 2005 Newsletter - Interviews - What's Up Eliters!

The poll on the main page asking members their reasoning for what makes Eliters so special has made everyone think. This is one story that is just an example of what makes our League so wonderful…

There is no way to put my story in that little space (feedback box on pool), so my story is as follows:

Because of my rating in Spades Pogo, I was either getting called a cheater or being cheated. A ball of color representing my rating never played into my self esteem, but for many it does. For me, the game was about relaxation. I got sick of dealing with the Spades situation, so I decided to teach myself a no-partners game, and out of the blue picked Cribbage. I read the Pogo description and comments about Cribbage and started.

Within a few weeks, I stumbled into Gang Green. I was looking to play a game and, being it was mostly an Eliters room, I waited and waited...lol. As I waited, I was reading the lobby...it was exactly what I needed! Witty fun seemed primary, and the game seemed secondary! I went back a couple more times and just sat in the lobby and watched them joke. I really sucked at the game, but I got my courage up to ask someone to help me register - a feat in itself! Two TDs and an hour later, I made it through to register in my first Eliters tourney. The only thing I knew how to do was turn on a computer and get into Pogo and Gang Green. Bless the patience of TDs! That was in June.

Aside from the joking and the game itself, I began to notice that people there were really concerned about each other. It amazed me that people that never met would remember and ask how so and so was doing.

By fall, I had come to terms that I was making the decision of my lifetime. I was deciding if I should break up my family. What would be best for my kids was my only concern. I hadn't even shared this with my "real family". I was depressed, stressed and wondering if I could do it financially... I had never felt more alone in my life.

As usual, one night after work and after my family duties were done (right before Christmas), I went into Gang Green. By this point Eliters was my way of getting out of "thinking" too much, so I hadn't really let the cat out of the bag as to what I was going through. One of the members who hadn't been with Eliters as long as I had, and I am sure she had no idea what was going on in my personal life, asked me to go to a room. Her daughter followed us and together they wanted to tell me that for Christmas they wanted to buy someone a silver membership, and that someone was me. I was floored!

In that very moment, my faith in human kindness was restored. I couldn't believe that someone I had never met wanted to do something so nice! It was the boost I needed to get me through the rest of what I had to do. I no longer felt alone, and in a room full of strangers, to not feel alone? THAT is something special!

So you see, I came because of the integrity, fairness and inability to cheat...joined because of the fun and joking...and stayed because of the indescribable bond that Eliters holds for me.

I realize this is long and probably can't be used, but I felt it a great time to tell my story!

Thanks for wondering why we join and stay with Eliters!!

aka Queen of Fashionably Late

PS. The person who gave me that silver was Pegs4awin and her daughter Melsa! There is no way they could ever totally know what they did to help start healing my soul!

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