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Marty's Eliter World Travels - Part 7 Prepared by: mayor_of_sillyton
June 7, 2006 Newsletter - Interviews - What's Up Eliters!

Wow Part 7 already, Marty.  Yes Marty it is.   Back in Belgium, Feburary 2006, the sillyone (Lord Percy, Popei, now Walter Gruntfuttock) headed to Lanaken near to Genk and the Netherlands border.  Eurostar from London, then a 2 hour train journey to Genk from Brussels, not getting it mixed up with Gent.  I had my thinking head on today so was okey dokey, so knew what train to get on and no falling asleep as I wasnt merry.  I have a habit of falling asleep on buses and ending up at the last stop.

The reason why I was over so soon to Belgium was because of a 7-day karnival = partytime (martyparty) and Rob of Belgium kindly said I was welkom to stay with them and enjoy a proper Karnival.  On the Thursday I arrived the theme of dress tonite was guys dressing up as ladies, so Marty became Marti for one nite only (well lol until next time).  I was dressed up as a scottish woman with a kilt and redhair and looked quite pretty lol.  It was such a fun evening visiting several bars singing all the karnival songs, dancing, drinking and just having a laugh.  Every nite we dressed up different: snowman, aladin, karnival colours and also we had our face painted, which was quite a sight to see.  Around 20 of us dressed the same each day and the karnival procession on the Sunday was fun.  So many folks cheering the floats on and the weather was good to us.  More dancing and singing and drinking throughout the karnival.  Most nites we came home at 4am.  I was getting used of all the songs even though they were in dutch.  Folks made me so welkom everywhere I went and even a few had heard of the great martyparty by last visit to Lanaken.

Seven days was a long time of partying, but I got through it and can't wait till next year.  Wonderful dear folks and 2 dear Eliters:  Rob of Belgium and snoepietje.  Danke guys for a lovely time.

It wasn't home time quite yet for Marty, should of gone home on Thursday but the biggest Belgium beer festival was on Saturday and i didnt want to miss it, so Joeri (robs son) kindly drove me over to Antwerp to stay with Beanie the meanie (madam sabine) and from there we both went to the beer festival at St Nicklaas.  

At the beer festival I knew several UK folk who specially came over for this event, also lots of Americans and Aussies were there too.   I talk to anyone and met some nice folks and also knew a few folks (landlord), friends from Brugge.   A wonderful time was had by all, and danke Sabine a wonderful host.  Unfortunately Princess Angela of Snowa was unwell so we didnt meet up.

I was recently back to Belgium and Brugge with my drinking buddy big dave (not the eliters one).  I am half Belgium now.

Thats all for now folks


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