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Marty's Eliters World Travels - Part 8 Prepared by: mayor_of_sillyton
September 3, 2006 Newsletter - Interviews - What's Up Eliters!

Hi de hi folks and Goo goo goo joob,

In June I went back to wonderful Belgium to be reunited with madam Sabine and Princess Angela of Snowa. The rain greeted me at Antwerp where Angela and Rene picked me up.  The occassion this trip was Sabine's Birthday. Time to have fun, share a few beers and talk with my dear friends.

Sabine had been busy all day preparing food for the party which she was sharing her birthday with a colleague from her work.   The Party was set in a lovely old house which had high ceiling, massive doors and some delightful chandliers.  Wine and a few beers were sampled in the evening and folks all had fun.

My favourite part of the trip was the next mornng at Sabines house for breakfast.  Around the table we had 5 different nationalities and religions:  an American (Princess Angela), Dutch (Rene), Swiss (Henri), Sabine (of many countrys), her two friends staying with us who were German and Turkish, and also Marty (Sillytonish), and all different religions too.  It was truly amazing to sit with these folks.   What I love about travelling is not just the lovely views and scenery, but meeting folks and trying to learn the basics of their language, culture and ways of live. 

My friends and new friends had to make their way back to Netherlands and Germany.  I stayed until Monday so I went to the old part of Antwerp for a few beers.  What touched me and brought a slight tear to my eyes on this visit was when i went to the room where I was sleeping.  On my pillow was a letter.  I opened it to my surprise a Laurel and Hardy card (my idols).   I opened the card and Princess Angela of Snowa had wrote me a thank you card for being such a great tour guide on our first meeting in Bruges in January, and she's a great friend.

Another wonderful trip.  Since then I have been back to Belgium several more times with friend (Big Dave) and recently visited Rob of Belgium and had another great time.

Thats all for now folks


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