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Marty's Eliters World Travels - Part 9 Canada and USA Prepared by: mayor_of_sillyton
January 31, 2007 Newsletter - Interviews - What's Up Eliters!

Hi de hi folks and goo goo goo joob,

I just recently came back from my Christmas and New Years holidays and this time I went back to Canada and the USA.  I left on the 14th of December from Heathrow Airport London (not in sillyton) packed with all my friends.  My Friends are my collection of silly hats that come with me on all trips to keep me company and also to enjoy the lovely folks and sights with me.

I flew to Washington D.C., the Capital, and I was hoping to meet Mrmkitty there but unfortunately she was unable to come and see me due to car problems, but will meet next time for sure.  D.C. is very expensive.  I only stayed overnite and had an afternoon flight on the 15th.  That nite I visited a local bar and sampled a few beers.  Next morning I had a few hours before my flight, so I visited the local shopping craft shops using the Comfort Inn Hospitality bus to take me there. In the square they had the local radio station Mix 107.3 and it was Toys for Tots time where folks were donating presents for the children.  It was great to watch. Christmas Carols were being sung and Marty did think of going live on the radio but chickened out.  The weather was lovely especially for this time of year.

My next stop was Toronto airport which was only a few hours flight and much better than my 8 hour flight.  I was glad it was broken up with my stay at Washington D.C.

Debzgame and her husband Chris picked me up at the airport at 5 pm which was very nice of them.  I had meet Debs once before 18 months ago on my last visit to Canada and had fun them. I was delighted to meet Debs again and Chris, and spend a few days with them and their family.

There are many Eliters that live in the Toronto area - Lord Leafy who I met last time but unfortunately couldn't get hold of him but I did several days laters on messenger when he came on for the first time in ages. I phoned him and had a chat which was great.  Also dear Oma lives a little bit away, and one day we will meet.

We were off to visit Bossy (Okokyourtheboss) who lives about 2 hours away in rush hour traffic (LOL).  I have known Bossy for a couple of years and said I would met up next time I was in Toronto.  We arrived there a few hours later and all meet Bossy for the first time.  We shared a few hugs and laughs then off to the nearby busy restaurant.  This was Bossy's favourite and I can see why by great range of food, beer and a band playing live.  I had my newest silliest hat on all nite.  Its one that lights up and flashes all the time with a tail behind dragging down my back also lit up.  I had lots of looks (LOL) and nice comments from folks. The meal was lovely and very filling.  I had the mixed grill and several different beers and Bossy had the Margarita (not sure if i spelt this right lol). 

It was a lovely fun evening and Bossy is a wonderful Eliter that I was lucky to meet.  Bossy had given me a Christmas present which to my surprise were two more silly hats -- a top hat with a maple leaf on it and a reindeer hat. It was so kind of her and when I wear them I think of our wonderful time together. 

After our farewells, Debz and Chris and I stayed nearby in a hotel downtown and next morning we went to visit Niagara Falls.  What an amazing, breathtaking sight to see!  It was cloudy though (was 9 am Marty and winter) but still I bet its wonderful in the summer time and probably very busy (LOL).  We visited the Hard Rock Cafe for lunch and had a few beers to get me dopey for the journey to Coldwater (so I could fall asleep but at least I will get off at the right stop this time).   I also had the pleasure to meet Hersey the chocolate makers, which are very big in Canada, and I had my picture taken with him (silly that wasnt the owner its the chocolate emblem, you know the mascot of the chocolate, oh really thought it was, I wonder why he didnt talk).

Part 10 to follow: Did debs dance on the tables ? Marty Karaoke in Washington (really was singing)

Thats all for now folks


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