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Marty's Eliter World Travels - Part 10 Canada Prepared by: mayor_of_sillyton
January 31, 2007 Newsletter - Interviews - What's Up Eliters!

Hi de hi folks,

With Marty nodding off in the back seat, Debz drove us to Coldwater.  Coldwater is a town with a population of about 1800 folks.   Thats what it says on the sign.  How do they know this?  Maybe they knock on everybody's door and count all the folks that are in.  This is the sort of place I always wanted to visit rather than the busy cities, to meet the local folk who know each other.  It was a town where you have everything you need, of course two bars, a very pleasant town.

The weather was very mild and no snow yet.  We popped out to the local liquor store, debs needed to get some drink (hehe) for me a non drinker lemonade.  I met Debs two children (Madison and Kaleb) and her lovely mom Thelma who lives with them.  I spoke to her about her family tree.  Her folks came from wales.  Me, Debs and Chris went to the local bar with a few of my silly hats and Debs had my rosey nosy christmas hat.  They got on very well together, so I let him stay with her, and I know Debs will take good care of him.  We all shared a few beers, laughs and also a band played various songs to us.  Debs decided to get on the table and dance (woohoo and cheers from the crowd).  Maybe Debs had a few to many. Just kiddin Debs, I couldn't resist saying that.  Or was that when i was asleep (hehe)?

I met many of Chris's friends over the next couple of days.  Chris is a voluntary fireman on call at nite.  Thats such a wonderful thing to do.  He has a big heart, like Debby a truely great couple.

On the coldest nite of my visit, the temperatures had dropped and snow was due soon.   Marty wore his favourite hat of many colours and lights (lol), and folks looked at me and said nice hat and a few chuckles.  I am proud of my sillyness and if i can make folks laugh then thats great.  Or great if I make a fool of myself.  I dont live seriously anymore. 

There was a childrens Christmas treasure hunt, well sort of quiz for the children.  They all went from shop to shop and had to answer the questions, based on Christmas, to get sweets (candy).  Alot of the questions I couldnt answer.   Lucky I didn't enter or Marty wouldn't be a happy boy.

I left on Tuesday morning at 6am.  A limo picked me up at Debz house to take me to the airport for a 9.30 flight to Winnipeg.  Hugs all round and bye byes.  I had such a wonderful time here.  Thank you Debz and Chris very dear friends.

Coming up next Part 11: Marty The Karaoke king

Thats all for now folks


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