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Marty's Eliters World Travels - Part 11 Canada and USA Prepared by: mayor_of_sillyton
January 31, 2007 Newsletter - Interviews - What's Up Eliters!

I had most of my stay for my holidays in Winnipeg (winterpeg) where I have very dear friends who I have visited several times over the years. They say why come over in winter with temperatures of -20 or -30, you must be mad (maybe I am).  There were several reasons:  I wanted a white Christmas and to be around them, as a very dear member of their family had sadly passed away earlier in the year.  I wanted to be around them and be silly and hopefully share in a few laughs.  I had a great Christmas there, except we were all sick for a few days, but spirits were high and drinks were flowing.

I knew Rob's moon lived in Winnipeg, an Eliter I only knew by name, but I phoned him up to meet in a downtown bar (Elephant and Castle) on my last day there before i left for seattle.  We both turned up on time, thats good for Marty travelling on a bus and not falling asleep this time.  We spent several hours talking about Eliters, Canada and sharing a few drinks.  I enjoyed Rob's company.  We got on very well and I invited him to dinner at a chinese resturant (Foody Goody), a place I had visited 18 months ago.  Lovely food and try a few beers.  My friends drove Rob back to his home.  I enjoyed meeting him and will meet for sure next time.  Cheers Rob.

This was like having 3 holidays in one, the start meeting the Eliters from Toronto, my dear friends from Winnipeg, and now Blesusall from Washington state.

I left Winnipeg on the 4th of January 2007, flying first to Denver then onto Seattle.  I was to meet my 1st dearest Eliter of 6 years, Princess Blesusall of Shelton, my soulmate.  We had always wanted to meet each other.  Bles and Bob picked me up at the airport, around 8pm on a Thursday nite.  We had din dins at a local bar.  I tried a few new beers, not a bad selection.  We had a 2 hour drive to Shelton a lovely place in the countryside.  Bles lives in lovely old house surrounded by woods, what a wonderful setting.  Washington is a very picturess state, nice and quiet and peaceful walking around and wonderful lakes. 

It was Karaoke nite on Friday, everybody joined in singing their favourite songs.  Bles loves to sing; I am very shy and might sing after a few beers.  Right at the end of the nite, Bles and I sang " All my loving" together.  I wanted to choose a beatles song.  It turned out ok (lol) and I have the proof on video.  I even did a little jig during the song.  It was great fun.  We all enjoyed the karaoke very much, and I had my silly hat on. 

On the Saturday it was Karaoke in another bar where I met many of Bles and Bob's friends, lovely people.  I wanted to sing "Jesus to a child" or "You're Beautiful," but I knew I would get emotional.  I love those songs. I settled for "All you need is love", "Twist and Shout" (with Marty twisting) and one of my favourites "Ebony and Ivory".  A few beers later (and southern comfort), "Mambo No5 " duet with bob and the final song of the evening.  Four of us sang "Bohemian Rhapsody."  What a laugh it was, so funny and on video lol.  It was a great evening. 

What wonderful folks here.  I met most of Bless' family over the few days that I stayed and we had so much fun.  Shame I was only here for a few days, but always another time.  I left on the 8th of January for the long trip home via Chicago.  I get very emotional and hate goodbyes.  A few tears were shed but what a wonderful holiday in Canada and Usa.  Thank you to all my dear Eliters friends.

Folks ask me "Hey marty you travel alot."  Well I love traveling and meeting people, dear Eliters and the culture, traditions and wonderful places.  I am young free and single (27, ok add on a couple more years) with no commitments.  Where to next Marty?  I have a few trips to Belgium, Germany, Netherlands and Bonnie Scotland.  This summer i am hoping to travel USA for a year meeting eliters in every state.

Thats all for now folks


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