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Love Overcomes Adversity Prepared by: SerendipityFr0g
August 29, 2007 Newsletter - Interviews - What's Up Eliters!

by Becca (SerendipityFr0g)
Started off Jamie and I met online, through a dating service - I think it was MSN's...
Jamie wrote to me saying hi and he'd like to talk to me... we got talking... I had no intentions of meeting him... but, one day my brother got on my nerves so I went down to meet Jamie and stayed the night.  Nope, we didn't do anything. Just slept there. But - I lost my job doing that!! I was supposed to work that night... And I skipped work because I was so mad at my brother. (He'd been unplugging the internet on me, while I was playing games, and chatting with friends.)
So I went down and met Jamie for the first time, as friends only. He only had about 20 cats in his house, which shocked me... He had 2 young children, like me. I spent the night and went home the next morning. I'd originally told him I would stay until he got home from work... But after he left, I was sitting at his computer, with all these cats staring at me.. and I couldn't take it! LOL I had to go.
While I was visiting with Jamie, I got a call from my boss.  My brother, thinking he was helping me, said I had gone to the ER that night... (not true)... and work knew it!! My boss requested a note from the ER saying that I was there - I couldn't furnish that, so I got fired.
I was getting a new job when my housemate said she was moving to Florida come Christmas that year, so I told her I was moving out soon... I talked with Jamie about it, and he said he needed help with his kids because their mom wasn't around... and as I love kids and liked him, I offered to be his "helper".
One thing led to another and we became a couple. His mother was furious because Jamie was estranged from his wife and she didn't think it right that he and I be living together since he was married to someone else.  Jamie didn't even know where his wife was. She was prone to taking off... She'd been gone for 2 to 3 months, when I moved in. Christmas time was coming up, and we got a phone call - it was his wife. EEEKK!
Actually, it wasn't that bad - she just wanted her possessions. So, Jamie and I had her come get them. Her kids were excited to see her, after having not seen her for 3 - 4 months by that time, so I offered to let her stay the night so the kids could spend time with her. Mom and all the kids slept in the livingroom that night so they could spend quality time together.
Jamie's wife Amy and I were constantly on the telephone together. Communicating about the kids, and about Jamie. She was finding it hard to let him go, but knowing she had to let him go. At one point, I got really annoyed with her. She would call 10 - 15 times a day while Jamie was working to make sure I told him she'd called and that she needed to talk to him. I always gave him her messages, but she didn't think I did.
Jamie and I got pregnant with our son, Jonathan... Due to some incidents, we moved down to Old Orchard Beach - which was a great move for us!   We had agreed to leave the kids with Jamie's mom until the end of the school term to avoid any further disruption for the kids.  However, that wasn't how it worked out. 
A lot of obstacles ensued - not surprising considering what these kids had been through.  The eldest was very upset when we told her I was pregnant again, but, she got happier as time went on, because she was able to be here for this pregnancy... And delivery. Beginning to end. She missed out on Jonathan's birth and his entire first year.   So, she was happy about Ryan...
February 2007, a few days before Jamie's 34th birthday, we moved from a very cramped small 2 bedroom apartment, to a giant house with lots of room The kids have lots of room to play. They made friends almost immediately and became happier about the move as time progressed. Now, almost 7 months later - I cannot fathom how we had managed to live in such cramped quarters!!
A few weeks ago, a friend from Jamie's work was planning her wedding, and we were in on the details.   After some trials of her own, she decided to postpone her wedding.  She is currently finishing out her schooling in Texas and is looking forward to marrying next summer. Cool. They love each other a lot. **smiles**
So I guess that Jamie got bit by the wedding bug, because when our friend decided to wait, he told me we should get married. I didn't believe him at first... because we'd thought about getting married before - a big joke in our family, and a few of my friends online, I was doing taxes the year before last, and Jamie turned to me and told me we should get married ... for a better tax break... We chuckled about it. This time... I started to believe him, and then I agreed that we should... and from then on, I didn't let him forget it. HAHA!!
Monday morning (8/20) we went to City Hall, with everything we thought we needed - to get a Marriage License, but it turned out we didnt have the correct death certificate for his wife, so we had to go home and hunt for it before finding it!! We hightailed it back to City Hall, paid the 30 dollar fee and got our license. And off to work Jamie went. I got a call later that day from a dear friend of ours, excited to be performing our wedding with us, and asking when, where - etc. We decided on the next day. LOL... I told all my family and friends - my friends were like, A Beach Wedding - That's so romantic! So I decided the beach it was!
Tuesday (8/21) found me buzzing around and excited. I had a mental list of things I had to do, after all - it was our wedding day! I took Jamie to work (yes, he had to work) and I went all around Old Orchard Beach, looking for MOOD RINGS - that's what we were going to use for our first wedding rings. I couldn't find any that would match and fit both of us, so I went to another store, asked the owner to go with me, so I could try a ring on Jamie, to see if it fit, if he liked it - etc. I told him where I was going, and who my fiancee was - and he told me to just take the ring and that he trusted me! Yeayyyy!! :) Not only did the ring fit perfectly but Jamie loved it.  So I went back to the store to find me a simular ring, nothing fit! ARGH! The store owner then sent me to another one of his stores, and there I found many rings! All kinds that would fit Jamie - but nothing that fit me that I liked! So we went over to the cheapie rings and lo and behold! I found them! I bought 3 rings as I weren't sure which style I wanted for myself yet... I ended up choosing the rounded simple band, and letting Jamie have his choice between the two remaining ones. The bands each cost all of 5 bucks. LOL
Then, off to Walmart we flew! To buy the girls some flowers - Carol insisted on going fancy and making the men boutonnieres and the women a few too.. and the girls each a small bouquet... and me a bigger bbouquet. Carol ended up spending the money for the flowers... and a wedding cake (whiich I hadn't planned on, because we were going to celebrate on a better day, that Jamie didn't have to work).
We went home, got the kids all dressed to go, and flew out the door to the Beach-side Wedding! It was lovely, I have to admit. There were bystanders on the beach, watching. There was even a couple on the back boardwalk who were making out behind us - LOL...
We had cake and then Jamie went back to work, he had to work til close that night... I decided I would pick him up from work. Carol and I and all the kids, and Eric went home, I crashed on the couch and fell asleep for awhile, got a call about midnight to come get Jamie. Work was done. He was closing it up early tonight. Yeayy. So I went to get him, Carol tagged along. Then we zoomed off for home. I went to bed almost immediately - Jamie stayed up.
Wednesday (8/22) Eirc's birthday. Another fast paced morning and day as we got everyone situated and cared for. Jamie took Carol around to buy what she needed. Her list was kind of bigger than her budget, as usual. HEHE! When they got back she set about making the sandwiches for the picnic. Once everyone was all ready to go and dressed accordingly, we zoomed off to Fun Town Splash Town - A great amusement park with regular rides, and wet rides. The kids had a ball!!
We got Carol on a few rides, she got dizzy so we sat and let her catch up with the spinning... HAHA... And that's how our life is going... Fast. As usual. The only difference is, Jamie and I are now married... and have rings on our fingers.
Our path to happiness may not have been the most easy or traditional one, but we have created a truly happy combined family.   Our goal is to create a stable, healthy environment for all of us.  My first husband was abusive, not totally physical - more mental and verbal... It took me a long time to TRUST a man completely. I trust Jamie 1000%. Period.

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