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Twenty Thousand Tourneys and Still Going! Prepared by: nono_not_me_nl
January 1, 2008 Newsletter - Interviews - What's Up Eliters!

We sat down with Fran (nono_not_me_nl) for a little one-on-one about her Eliters hosting career. 

Did you have any idea when you started hosting that one day you could host more than 20,000 tourneys?

Gosh no, you start something to help out to fill some spare time. The day I hosted 100 was joepie! 1000 was wow! When I hit 10,000 I started to apologize for having no life, and then now 20,000, what can I say? I'm addicted to hosting in Eliters and giny where we have a wonderful group of TDs who make it fun to be here.

You have a busy life in addition to Eliters - how do you manage to do all of this?

It's easy, I'm in Europe, 6 hours ahead of EST time, the time I'm online is free time at night.

What is your favorite activity outside of Eliters? 

There is this awesome place Den Haag, The Hague to you, where I love to spend time doing all kind of activities, it has great sight seeings and lots of things to do. There you go Mike!

What do you enjoy most about hosting?

The interaction with players, giving then good tourneys, making sure every player has a good time. 

What do you feel is your most lasting contribution to Eliters?

The way we host in Giny. Together with Lynn, Tori, Abt and Chou we set up the training and way of hosting and we're still working on that everyday. We give our TDs the freedom to do it their way within the rules and guidelines we set up and it works; our tds enjoy it and so do our players. 

Is there any one single experience that stands out if you look back over your hosting career?

No, I enjoy it all even on days when we have to struggle with yahoo as play site, when some of our 'not that friendly' players are in, the at times heated discussions with TDs or players.  

What is the biggest boo-boo you ever made in hosting? 

I'm perfect didn't you know that?

If you could share one insight with all our TDs - what would that be? 

Two things: Common sense works. Don't let the bad ones in your tourneys get to you, you don't have to share your life with them, you as td have the power: warn, ignore, screenshot, note, email to Steve and then move on.

What future goals have you set your sights on?

As I'm a taking life as it goes day by day person: none

Are you nuts?

I refuse to answer that, but, feel free to ask 'my' TDs in Giny

We then asked the Giny TDs for their comments, and here is what they said:

Fran is an inspiration to all Tournament Directors! She takes everything with stride, she is the Queen at backspacing and as a Trainer, she has a keen way at putting difficult situations in a great perspective. Fran is also very approachable about anything. As for any particular funny stories, hmmmmmmm she makes the same simple mistakes as the newbies do with hitting the wrong spam key?!? Yes we all do it whether we are the brand new JrTDs or the veteran AA and are part of ELITERS Corporate team. Fran is THE best ever, and I am privileged to have been personally trained by her and glad to be hosting alongside her! 
Jennifer AKA Dolce1968Vita

Something you might not know about our Fran - she collects anything to do with black and white cows (i.e., ornaments, soft toys), and I have also heard from a good source she has one of the largest non milking herds in the Netherlands. 

I honestly don't know where to begin...do we talk about the lil lady hosting in Giny every afternoon who laffed at me until i was convinced i was funny and would do or say just about anything to keep her laffing?....do we talk about the same lil lady who absolutely terrifies all the big guys with her itty bitty "grrrr"?...do we talk about her getting folks to turn in an application to td and the calm teaching following that applications submission?... that patient belief in us that makes us believe we can actually host in the busiest league eliters offers?....or do we talk about the friend who helps new tds even when her hands are so full, that to even type a wtg! will cause a landslide of giny rr tables?...the friend who is up at those gawd awful hours in the dead of night that settle like a rock on our souls and has mssgr on so you can whine about your state of affairs?...can we talk about her simple yet eloquent words that are balm to a hurting heart?...do we talk about her dry, droll sense of humor,  that has more than once rocked my world and made me laugh till tears streamed down my face?...do we talk about her job moonlighting as a yep fairy?...do we talk about the protector of giny's innocents?...the one who tells the new eliters that the old eliters are just crazy and to ignore us?...lol...can we just say that we love this wonderful woman from Amsterdam?  Thank you Fran, for everything, with much love,

I'll start out by saying, this poor lady has to take credit for training me lol.  I have known Fran for 2 years now and I can say with a smile-we are true friends. I go to her for everything, personal or eliters-related. Personality- shes off the hook, she has sat there n listened to me yell yell n yell and just smiles n hugs me all the way thru it. Hats off to our Fran (20,000 games hosted)!

Those of us who were around when Fran first started were constantly tickled by her "oopsie" in the lobby when she made little mistakes.  She really earned her title "The Oopsie Queen" back then.

Fran's English is so good I tend to forget she's not a native speaker, until we hit those language idioms that send us all laughing.  My favorite one to tease her about is the Dutch spelling of 'yippie' - which is 'joepie'.   I'm sure she got tired of me asking her if that was apple pie or joe-pie!!

My favorite saying of Fran's is "TDs are fluent in typonese" - we use that a lot in Eliters, cause we learn to read right past those pesky typos

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