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One week in cribbyland Prepared by: purcelin
April 5, 2008 Newsletter - Interviews - What's Up Eliters!

Every once in a while, a little bit of lunacy is a great thing.   It all started when barry89741, our crazy British bouncer decided he wanted to try and break the Eliters record for number of tourneys hosted - previously held by DruryHigh2006 (another Criby TD) who broke the record in 2007 together with blake4563 (who was also in Criby at the time)... see the pattern?   All Criby, all slightly crazy. 

The record for number of tourneys stood at 213 and the YEPs generated (also held by drury) was at 132,800!

Now we had been through this before, and we knew if Barry had even a remote chance of busting the record, it would need to be a full team effort by both players and TDs.

Barry prescheduled something like 309 tourneys.  Clearly he was beyond help.  And then the buzz started, everyone else got the fever, and there was team spirit and enthusiasm that was just unbelievable.  Now even though Cribbage is a fairly popular game, Gin is probably the most popular game around and GinY is the powerhouse league in Elite.  I  think this was the longest week in many of our lives.  In order for Barry to break the record he had to host almost non-stop for hours and hours on end.  Thank goodness for whatever the British version of Red Bull is and home delivery services!

The bottom line - Barry managed to host a full 300 tourneys.  Exhausted, boggle-eyed and slightly batty, but he did it.  300 tourneys and 161,100 YEPs. 


What was the best part about crazzy cribbing week for you?

That would definitely be how we all rallied as a team of players and TDs, playing our hearts out, doing two quickies at once and trying to rack up as many tourneys as we could to keep our ratings up.  And who could forget poor, crazy Barry and his 5,000 --I mean, 300--tourneys that week!

What was the worst?

Yahoo breaking down on Saturday.  Was a major day that could have had an even higher potential to bring even more tourneys and players, but we needed to move to GameDesire.  Though we kept it all going, a good part of our players comfort zone was exceeded, and though we did well, I think we could have done better if our room was working correctly.

What made you do it?

Barry made me!  He's got this really weird power of "You gotta go nuts!"  And, I fell into this weird trance, and I keep muttering, "Must break records.  Must play.  Must host.  Must break records.  Must play...."

Either that, or it was gas.

Are you nuts?

Yes!  Look at my profile.  I am not the Head Nutcase of CRIBY for nothing!  Wait, I am... I don't get paid.  And I get no glory for it.  And no one even knows of it's existance.  But besides that....

Yeah.  Definitely the gas.


The best part -seeing almost all of the team come together to pull this off..worst part..when yahoo went down and we had to move to gd...games were good but the color is horrible!!  am i crazy you're darn rights i am  couldn't be any other way to be part of the crib  what made me do it- that's what teamwork is about  do it again - hell ya!!


What was the best part about crazzy cribbing week for you?    seeing all the great support from players 
What was the worst?  when I had to work and couldn't play... 
What made you do it? purce.......lol 
Are you  nuts? have to be to fit in with all the great cribbers.
The best part of the week...hmm trying to keep Barry sane and realizing on Wednesday that it was possible to get the record from giny for most t's hosted in a week.
The worst part  going to yahoo an hour before my T's on saturday morning and finding the lobby almost empty. Then finding out yahoo was doing down at the end and having to get Rayvino to move to GameDesire. Who knew we be stuck there for the day!
What made you do it?  Barry's spirit was contagious and I wanted to be part of the fun.
Are you  nuts?  what do you think? Who else but a nut would do 2am-6am tourneys? lol
What was the best part about crazzy cribbing week for you?
The best part was reaching the record number of tourneys and knowing that every tourney I hosted thereafter was a new record and finally reaching the 300 mark !! And then hearing we had beat Giny !!
The worst part was the the long days and nites especially being 4 hrs ahead of Eliters time so i wasn't actually finishing until gone 04.00 am my time. - also not being able to host more tourneys !!!
What motivated me - I just wanted to do it to see if it was possible to beat the record.  It helped to have the support of all my fellow TDs and players - and oh by cigarettes and lots of takeaways!
Am I nuts ??  YES, YES, YES. 
Will I try to beat my own record some day - oh YES!

It was a marvellously insane week - and of course, the following week Giny came back with a vengeance and broke all records including YEPs generated,  when CAShortie set a new record of 173,750 YEPs.
But the number of tourneys hosted - still belongs to Criby and Barry!

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