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Ubenbeat needs support Prepared by: ubenbeat
June 13, 2008 Newsletter - Interviews - What's Up Eliters!

calcinci6  posted the following message on the 11th June...

I recieved this from Brian's wife Pat. I thought I would share with other Eliters who know Brian and would like to share their prayers as well:

To all our friends and extended family: please join us in a prayer of healing for Brian

To those of you who know him and love him, Brian wears many hats; he’s husband, dad, PopPop; son-in-law, brother, father-in-law, a friendly voice on the phone and a good friend. Someone who, at times can be kind, cantankerous, irascible, loving, funny, a grouch, a talker, and occasionally a ‘pain in the ass’. A guy who makes friends with everyone and likes to think he’s never met a stranger. He’s a practical joker, a story teller and a walking encyclopedia of information both useful and useless about anything and everything. He worries about everyone… his kids... his friends, everyone on the Myositis and IBM boards, his cribbage buddies on the internet… the couple who live in a garage around the corner.. the guy in a wheelchair, who sleeps with his dog behind the thrift store or the old man who lives under the overpass down by the hospital.

He’s not a saint, just a good man…

Now he’s in need…

Just over three years ago Brian started experiencing numbness in his hands and a loss of coordination when walking. For no reason he’d fall and was unable to get back on his feet without help. As time progressed the symptoms worsened. His fingers were numb and he was unable to turn a door knob or open the glove compartment in the car. Walking any distance without support was impossible. He was diagnosed at the University of Miami Muscular Dystrophy Center, as having Inclusion Body Myositis (IBM). This is a degenerative muscle disorder and auto immune disease; because the body’s immune system attacks and destroys healthy muscle tissue. There is no cure. The prognosis is a continued deterioration of the muscle tissue in his hands, arms and legs, and his ability to work with his hands or move himself about. Brian is now confined to a wheel chair.

Last Christmas his belly and his legs began to swell to almost twice their normal size… His liver had begun to shut down and his body was filling with the fluid that it couldn’t process. This, along with the restriction of the IBM, made it extremely difficult for him to move or breath. He now undergoes paracentesis once a week to remove approximately six to eight liters of fluid from his body. Two weeks ago they started removing fluid from around the heart and lungs as well. Liver failure prevents the removal of ammonia from the blood, which in turn causes confusion and encephalopathy.

This coming Saturday we’re celebrating Father’s day early so the fireman in the family, who works on Sunday, can be here. The whole family, Melanie and her son Lawrence, Chad and Pam, Craig and his girls, Elizabeth and Melissa, Scott and Melba, Katie and Milton, Matthew, Kellie and Aunt Teeny, will be at our house for a cookout. (Christopher and Danielle are in North Carolina and are joining us in spirit). We plan to celebrate our family and together ask for God’s blessing and grace to grant Brian the gift of healing. Wherever you may be that evening at 7:30 p.m. we hope you will add your voice to ours and join us in this prayer.

Love the Hooten Family

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