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Eliters Story
An Eliters Night Prepared by: sunny4eliters
December 7, 2005 Newsletter - Interviews - What's Up Eliters!

Twas the night before Christmas and all thru each house,
not a creature was stirring but in each hand was a mouse.
The stockings were hung throughout Elite with care;
In hopes that the Yeps Fairy soon would be there.

The Eliters were nestled with their partners snug on the tourney page;
Hoping their team name would catch the Yep Fairy’s eye and be all the rage.
Santa had been planning what to pull out of his cap
Elite always had too big of a party to plan that long winter’s nap.

When off in the world of IM there arose such a clatter
They sprang to their yep pages to see what they could gather.
They counted their yeps and their Eliters’ earned dollars
Silver and Gold is now all that you could hear them all holler.

The moon over Elite with the new fallen snow,
Gave luster to the Elite Yep pages of all that they know.
When what to their wondering eyes should appear.
But a plan for some fun to bring in the New Year.

With a secret password or any ole name,
Eliters clamoured to the pages to get in a game.
More rapid than eagles to their keyboards they flew
Gathering more Eliters to make a yep-filled Christmas tourney with all that they knew.

On Elite! On Yahoo! On Pogo...Game Desire!
On Issa, who called Wickd to tend to the fire.
To the top of the Club...To the top of the page...
They had to have a plan to beat this rampage.

As dry yeps that before the wild parties fly,
They met with an obstacle up in the sky...
Who would host all these people, who could be that able?
Nononotme, no Sunnyeliter, the Choulady was busy...
And Baz’s clerk pages were making him dizzy.

A bundle of yeps from out of his pack
Who could host such a party? The yeps couldn’t be put back.
He sprang to the Create Tourney page and gave the Hot TDs a whistle...
And away the players ran like the down of a thistle.

The winners would each count their yeps of gold...
And to the hope of next time, the runners ups would hold.
There’s silvers and gold and pride in each teamname
Cuz we all know Eliters can’t resist the fun of the game!

Be it pool, or spades, gin, gammon or euchy,
The crib will be getting “nasty” with people who are kooky.
But the hearts of the season will the flinched “nuckles’ soften.
As the "dom"inating sense will be for bad feelings to find a coffin.
If you’d rather go fish than partake in this fun
Then the Yep Fairies gift will go to another one.

As the cards were being shuffled,..the mouse clicking the play
The season’s greetings were the words heard throughout the day.
All those yeps being scattered, purchased or won shining bright...
The Yeps Fairy smiled and shouted...
Merry Christmas to all Eliters and have a very good night!

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