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Mark goes on a BBC Treasure Quest Prepared by: MagicBeer08
June 2, 2009 Newsletter - Interviews - What's Up Eliters!

On 24th May at 900 UK time, I appeared on my local BBC radio station (Three Counties). The show lasts 3 hours.   The basic premise is that Greg (a person who lives near me) and I are in the studio, with the show presenter, and they have a reporter in the radio car.

To win, we have to direct the reporter to various locations and ultimately after clue 5, to the treasure location.

Clue 1 is just to an area. Clue 2, 3, 4 and 5 will be to buildings, public places or somewhere in the area where there is an event.

In the studio, we can only use the internet to check emails sent to the show and follow a tracker on the radio car. We need people using the internet to find out meanings of words (etc) to help us.

People can phone the show with ideas on where we should be going, text or email via the BBC Three Counties website (there is a link on site to email presenter, and then select treasure quest). There is also a facebook group called bbc threecounties treasure quest where the clues are posted. 

I listen to the show every Sunday morning from 9am till 12 noon, uk time (5 hours ahead of est, most of the year). The have 2 or 3 people in the studio with the presenter, and 1 of their reporters in a radio car. People phone, text and email the show, to help them.
The clues are set by the evil production team, head by Luke Ashmead who is a sports presenter, and he also stands in on other programs to cover holidays.
A few weeks ago, there was a post on the facebook group, saying that they had someone who wanted to come on the show, but they could not find anyone to team up with them, so I responded.
I met Greg for the first time, about 745 am on the day of the show,and we drove to the studio, in Luton. We were met in reception by Amy, the reporter for the day. Then about 5 Minutes before the show, we were taken to the studio, to meet Roberto Perrone, who was standing in for the normal presenter, Andy Gelder.
The first clue, which is only to an area, not a set location, was "Formerly Bruneham meaning enclosed meadow on which the broom or the dyers weed grew."  With help for people contacting the show, we sent the radio car towards Bromham, what is just outside Bedford.
Clue 2 was "Gill have all 3 rooms for 420."  We sent the radio car to Bromham village hall, as its a 3 room venue, what holds 420 people.
Clue 3, "A round of applause for pig and assassinated archbishop."  We knew it was Clapham from the first part of the clue, and we were told by people contacting the show, that there was St. Thomas-a-Becket church in Clapham, so we sent the radio car to it.
Clue 4, "Net yourself the next clue and remember one from the order of Lepidoptera."  As soon as the clue was read out, people started texting and emailing us to go to Bedford Butterfly Park, so we sent the radio car there. Before they would give us clue 5, the reporter, Amy, had to dip a net into a pond, and find some things.
Clue 5, "Head to the home of Mervyn's predecessor."  The Mervyn referred to is the governor of the Bank of England. The governor prior to Mervyn, Godfrey Thornton, used to own  Moggerhanger House, in Moggerhanger Park so we sent the car there.
Clue 6, "A bridge too far for bad garret but on foot if you want the treasure."  Garrett was the surname of the radio car driver. There was an anagram of Great Barford, and it had a footbridge going over the river. BBC Three Counties Radio's Phil Lack was on the bridge with the treasure.
The official time was 2 hours, 43 Mins and 56 sec we won it in, which puts us in 8th place so far on this year's leader board.
Off air, we was invited back later this year, by Roberto, to be in a team with him.
The show ended, with us picking out a record, to end the program with. We picked "It's a Heartache" by Bonnie Tyler, and dedicated it to the evil Luke Ashmead and show producer Brendan Murphy.

We had a total blast.
Mark (Magicbeer08)

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