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So how were you recruited to Eliters? Prepared by: purcelin
August 1, 2010 Newsletter - Interviews - What's Up Eliters!


Hi gang,
I'm really curious now after recently having a conversation with an Eliters on messenger that after discussing about "old time Eliters" like debzgame, haha don't shoot me, that could not remember who had recruited them to even sign up for Eliters.
I can remember mine :)...While strolling through lobbies one day playing euchre in Intermediate 2...I came across kbbt06, which is Jon "heybudman".
In the everyday life of struggles, economy etc...We sometimes forget some of the most important things in life. I mean really....sit back and just think of all the laughs, crying, arguing you have shared with the people on here that we now call dear friends and some even family. Can you honestly remember who recruited you?
Well I do know this....I owe a big part of my happiness that I have NOW in my life to Jon. My boyfriend and 2 yr. old son wouldn't be here today. I met Doug aka.FATNUTS4206 in euchrp and we have been together for almost 3 years and have our 2 yr. old Bryan :).
So think to yourself "who recruited me?" Letís not forget the little things in life because sometimes they mean the most to us :)!
Sarah aka: speshultriqs, jellusee, auditor21778 oh heck I could on for days with all my ID's


I agree with all of you; excellent post and it really does bring back memories!
Balouza (Issa), Lisaleasah, Bear_music, Herbanana, Bri_the_Elven_Beauty, tossube, sacrificialvirgin, Cman, Crispy, Kaseygio, Newland, Andy_Clark, VelvetClawz, Genna_Lee and many others here all played in a Cases/MyLeague league for a few years prior to Elite being created. Several of us had kids and didn't like the profanities and "in your face" type of play we continually had there. We wanted a place we could play, and our children could play (or watch over our shoulders), that was ďfamily friendlyĒ.
We were very fortunate to have someone "semi-retired" that had the knowledge and means to create EliteLeague (our first name). I was playing Bear_Music one night and he told me what Issa had done and welcomed me to Elite. I joined, applied for a TD position and was trained by Bear_Music (Robert). Herbanana was the first HA in Bgy and soon thereafter, Giny was started with the same core Admin team we still have today, Lj_Lynn and Chouettelady (Matty was also involved in the beginning). This is a HUGE accomplishment in its own right!
It has truly been amazing to watch Eliters grow from about 25 Members to over 43,000 (total). I know many have left, many passed away, many left and returned, many more returning, etc. but we still have many new Members join every day. I still get excited when I log on in the mornings and see 25, or so, new Members just starting their Eliters journey. I remember back to our humble beginnings and am in awe of all that has happened (the lifetime friends, the relationships, the marriages, the children born of relationships, the loss of real friends, the families impacted forever, etc.) because of the vision of one man, Issa Nasser.
Without Issa, none of us would "know" each other as we do. I see this man losing money on Eliters every month and truly wonder why he keeps doing this. He is a very humble man with the abilities to make a lot of money doing other things but, Eliters is like a big family to him also (as dysfunctional as we are most times)! Most of our Members have no idea of the time he spends each and every day so we have this League to come back to whatever part of the day or night we choose. My hat is off to him more than you will ever know.
The next time you see him playing, and yes he has always been a ďhands onĒ owner/Player, think about all the good times you have had here and thank him. Very often our Members/TDs/Admin/etc are very quick to complain to him but rarely thank him for all he has done for all of us. Please do that once in a while as no one here deserves it more!
Thank each and every one of you (yes even you Homie ;-)) for being a part of what we have in Eliters. It is YOU that makes us what we are!
Take care, thank you for all you do but, most importantly, have fun out there!
The Members Dude
One small part of the best gaming site online!


My profile says May 2006, but that was the birth of Wonagametwice. A few months earlier, I had been playing some pinochle and spades after being "offline" for SEVERAL months due to some personal disappointments, broken trust in people (one person pretending to kill himself, then arising back from the dead; another supposedly killed in a car wreck that mysteriously also came back from the dead), some friendships that became too much of a drain on my "real" life (didn't have a laptop, lived in front of my PC for hours and hours every day to talk to my "online" friends).
My history goes a little further back than Eliters. In 1995, I purchased my very first PC that would connect to the internet. I remember it having like 6 icons on the "front" window on Wins 95. That very tempting one kept staring back at me that said "Connect to the World Wide Web", and the one right below it said "Read Electronic Mail". I gave in. Although I have a degree that has a minor in computer programming, I HATED computers, because I would always engulf myself in them. Well, not that night. At 5 a.m. after surfing what felt like 1/3 of the net on my 28.8k modem, I had already started yakking away on IRC chats. About a month later, I joined PAL and EXCITE chat. It was the first "virtual" chat program using images and web pages as backgrounds. AOL had a simultaneous version running called VWorld, but you could only join if you were on AOL. After chatting for a few months, I got hooked on a place called Parents Chat, then applied to become a chat host, which was pretty cool as I even had the opportunity to co-host (and be the emcee) a live televised chat with Sinbad. I then became a host trainer until time took its toll on me by not being able to meet my commitments.
After being "fired" for that, I did not even want to be online from somewhere around 1999 to 2001. I finally started playing games on Yahoo in 2001 and met some great folks since I traveled in my job and was in a hotel every night. In 2004, I began writing a book (that has not been finished) and did not go online except for work until early 2006. It was THEN that I met my first Eliters.
I wandered into the Pino lobby. I was actually making fun of Tina the sexy chat bot. I posted "My name is Cntry (my old chat name), I am fat, ugly, and 35, visit my profile for pics". Immediately, I think it was DrSally that told everyone to ignore me, that I was a bot! Wick and downy came to the rescue and told everyone I was not a bot. Then while I kept trying to invite them both to play, Wick kept pressuring me, then Downy finally convinced me to join. A Silver fairy showed up when I spent all my YEPS in the Gold Box and not long after JTRuss took me under her wing.
One day JT says "IM ME!" Being scared, I messaged her. She said...You need to become a TD! I said OK. Applied to Pino, was accepted, but then I had some time issues due to moving. Shortly after, I joined JT in a brand new league - BowlP. It was here that I got my start and won another game, hence Wonagametwice. Since then, I think Wick, Downy, and JT have been permanently banned for recruiting me, lol.
I stayed in BowlP with Mikey, JT, Jen, and a few other great folks for a while, then not thinking, I transferred to a struggling league where I about went nuts as no tourneys were going. Fortunately, after this, I moved to CribY with the Purcinator, and spent the next two plus years (off and on a couple of times). There, I held TD, SRTD, AGL, GL, TGL x 2, AA1. Purce was banished to the duties of Newsletter Editor forever for her mistakes in promotion. It was while I was in CribY that Lisaleasah hired me to be the Promotions Director (I think she is now banned for that). After 7 or 8 months as PD, I applied for the dual role of PD and Events Director. Eventually, the PD position began to be too much to try to keep up.
In April of 2009, I had a pretty incredible opportunity to work directly under Issa in HoldemP. I moved to HoldemP actually since it was a smaller league and needed less of my attention. However, once I got there, I had such a blast that I accepted a GL spot, then TGL, then I applied for AA, and then in May, Issa gave me the great opportunity of being HA of this fabulous league.
In May, 2010, I began classes in college, and had to make some decisions of what had to be given up with my time. So currently I am just holding the Events Director position, at least for now, as I am steadying in with the increased workload.
So now you know ....the rest of the story!
Thanks Sarah for starting the thread.


Way back in 2001 I played crib in advance 1, I heard that a bunch of the gang I played with were in advance 7 causing havoc, so I went to see what was going on. I sat and read the lobby while lippy and pal were causing trouble with the Eliters at that time.
I joined as a guest and went thru many of my ids, then while using my hun_ny_bunz id I won silver. I played crib exclusively, it was nice to be able to play without having an opponent asking ASL, etc.
We used to have so much fun playing, laughing, ribbing in the lobby, I can remember so many of the old players, mer, crimmy, crispy, sos, (perfect29) the boop, the loop, furnaceguy, forky, mj, webby, skippy, maine, just to name a few, many are around , many have passed on, and Iím sure many have changed Ids, but the reason we are here remains the same, we enjoy a safe, friendly environment.


Well 8 years ago I was told about playing cards on the internet, what I didnít realize that you could play folks from all over the world (wow amazing I thought).
Next question I hope my imac was compatible with any card games. I typed in Google card games hoping to find a card game called whist which I played with my father for many years for a team in a whist league,anyways yahoo games came up and I saw lots of games, not just cards and thought wow lets try it.
No whist games were available online so I had played chase the lady, I think similar to hearts and tried it out playing with folks around the world. I loved it, I was in advance then didnít like the rudeness of players so tried beginners and social.
I noticed friendly folks saying hi and join us pompey and play in our league, I was known as pompey68uk when I 1st started on the internet and Eliters.
Untouchable_face27 (jen) was the one who asked me to join eliters,so great I join this league which had lots of friendly folks, players and 20 or so tds.
I can't remember too many but nfltitan ,untouchable_face27,mickey and always remembered a player called tennis (something like that).In those days I had dial up and got disconnected when someone tried to phone lol, so lost a lot of hearts games due to this. Luckily a year later I got broadband. Also most heart games were rr which took ages to play as you had to win 2 games to win tourney, nowadays we have 1x1 as the main game in hearts. I played guest only at first then paid $10 to play in all tourneys then and ever since - my best $10 I ever spent for now 8 years I have been with Eliters.
Then 1 year later in 2003 I was asked to td by bella_flora and took the plunge, without ever being able to use those keytext programs whatever the tds used then and nowadays to spam at tables and lobby, I had pieces of paper everywhere with player table names etc, it was tough but somehow 8 years later I am still tding as the worst td around.
I also tried playing other card games and omacando taught me spades which I also love to play and play a few other games.
This is my story of how I became a member of Eliters


Awww this post is so fun!! Back in 2002, I was 14 and in grade 9 (wow I feel old) lol, my boyfriend and I (marcness724...ugh) used to play pool yahoo all the time. He signed up because I think Mikey(R.I.P) talked him into signing up. Then I signed up :D I only knew how to play Pool and only played in Pool Yahoo for MONTHS. Then my mom talked me into learning how to play Cribbage...she was recruited by Debz...so I learned Crib Pogo on my own, and then all learned all these other games :D
Learned Spades Yahoo back in 2007 or 2008 I think? Oh the good ole' Eliters days.
Anyone remember the Black Out of Eliters? LOL, Elite was down for like 4 days....Lost a month or two of stats/yeps...my mom went from being AA to GL when the site was back up.

GREAT post Steve. I am also amazed with what Issa does...
As a wife of a husband who has his own gaming site.. I cannot fathom plopping money onto a site that brings zero money in, just so the players can play a "free" site... We ask for donations and get none. We have to close the site for a couple months because internet gets too expensive, and we get complaints... and threats. Let alone, all they have to do is donate $5 a month each, and we'd have an internet worth keeping!! LOL
They never learn!
I have stopped my complaining of Eliters... I no longer see things the way I used to. If I had the money - I'd buy Diamond or Platinum membership for myself... but I just dont have that funds.
I have realized, after running my mom's league, that Eliters is more faithful... And Eliters is "home" and everything that one word evokes in people...
I do not recall who the original "recruiter" was for me... but I know it was Literati and Mimi was HA and I was friends with just about everybody there.. And I loved the challenge of trying to beat the higher rated players... Didn't do it much in the beginning, but I loved trying and have learned new words and enlarged my mind dictionary a great deal!!
**Loves** To all my Elite Family... Some of you are as dysfunctional (like Steve said) as my own family is... and I'd have ya no other way!! HAHA


So glad you started this Sarah.
It is a joy to see all these stories.
Mine started when I was a Pogo member and I decided to try bowling and the computer put me in Splitsville when I entered. A bunch of people in there and I just started talking with everyone and learning all the lingo. Then the Host asked for heroes to run a Tourney. When I saw her spam that it was free, I figured what the heck, why not. I followed the process to sign up on March 10, 2009. The TD was Marlastrauss1. I will never forget that night. Nor will my wife as she still doesn't understand what I do here every night.
On April 13, I took the plunge into the TD pool in Bowlp and after TGL and AA have HA since Jan. 2010 and I love every minute of it.
Great Eliters everywhere in every league. I have met many new friends that I will never forget. I am now now #4 in Tourneys hosted in Bowlp with 2,341 in less than 16 months.
Eliters truly do ROCK!!!


Here's my blast from the past...
In 2005, 1 was recruited whilst playing Euchre in Intermediatet 2, playing with Boo...she said "come play eliters" and after watching the "Eliters" in the lobby - it took me about 8 minutes to work out that there were already too many Debs in Eliters, so I used my childhood nickname and ended up with the ID Cammie_ace2005.
BoMcbride was the TD who helped me to sign up.
When I applied for TD, I was trained by the most amazing trainer ever, "Lawman". After hosting in Hearts, Euchre, Gin and Crib, I have landed in the SFTD team and I still love Eliters.
As a player and a TD I have met some amazing people online in Eliters, I have shared stories and achievements, celebrated new babies and new grandchildren, mourned the loss of old friends, shared a joke with new friends, listened when someone just needed a friend and stayed in touch with really good friends.
Over the years, I have also caught up with some Aussie Eliters: Margaret Aussie, Val and of course my other half, Rick...so if you're coming to Oz anytime soon, let us know and drop by as you will definitely have a great time!!v I remember reading a club post years ago saying "Once an Eliters, always an Eliters!"
I laughed at the the time - but I get it now. v cheers
Cammie :-)

My Dad (Byron aka yeahicrackmeuptoo) told me about a group he had joined and said it was the wackiest, friendliest, funniest, most loving group of people he had ever met outside of real life. He encouraged me to join, to be a t.d., to get to know folks here. I did and while I donít play much, (I am just not the gamester he was) I love the folks here in the main and read the messages even when I donít choose to play.
Issa, thank you for Eliters. Thank you for the site and all its offshoots. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do. Steve and all of corporate, thank you for all you all have done also.

May the Universe Bless Eliters!

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