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Eliters Stories
Eliters Story
History of Eliters as told by an Ole Reindeer Prepared by: prplbass53
December 7, 2005 Newsletter - Interviews - What's Up Eliters!

Many moons ago (shortly after the Thanksgiving) some of us were still fascinated with the remote control. We did not even mind that we tripped over the Tinsel Cord now and then. The newest toy was the telephone that had new fancy buttons and pretty lights, instead of a dial thing. Children still thought that a Colorful Box was more interesting to play with then a Toy.

Santa thought what would really bring much Joy to all is a new toy so he invented the Computer... We fell away from our Atari's and became enthused with this new thing. Well some real bright ole Elves got together and said that's not enough. Let's create a PC and we can connect them all together in a thing called the Internet.

The Grinches got jealous and they went off and created new things called Yahoo, Pogo, and a new Green Site called Game Desire and made Reindeer Games that attracted many reindeer and the Grinches were very happy. Their real purpose was to Steal the reindeer's fun away and make them sad which Grinches loved to do.

Well some of the Reindeer got smart and figured hmmm all these Grinches want to do is take our Fun away. Well all reindeer want to really do is have fun. So they said let's form our own group and call it Eliters, and go play in our own Site where we are safe and can enjoy each others company.

Santa sat and thought and said that's a great idea Let's make it more interesting and play for something" That lit the nose on Rudolf who said "YEP". A little known fact at the time was that YEP meant Mistletoe to Reindeer (which they could eat) so the YEP was made as a nice Green and Red Prize. Later the YEP was made into a real pretty Christmas Ornament.

In the early days all they could do was play with stones so they played things like backgammon and dominoes. These got so popular that they just had to find a way to get more Reindeer involved...

Cards were suddenly discovered under this strange new Star in December, and new Games were created and eventually Partner Games were established and all had a great time.

The games got too popular and fights were starting to occur during the Reindeer Games. So Santa said what we need are RULES. The Elves quickly went to work and published a new GOOD book which contained all the rules. The reindeer were not great readers so the Elves created HELP menus to assist them. The word MENU still meant food to the Reindeer so they quickly read the new rules and all was at Peace again. To make things more fun special games called TOURNEYS were created and a new thing called a HOST from the reindeer population was created to help keep these new games running smoothly.

The Grinches looked at all this and were not pleased so they decided to stir things up. The Grinches decided to go and talked to the Monkeys to spoil all the Fun. The Monkeys had been watching the Reindeer for quite awhile and so they were easily convinced and they said, "Hey if the Reindeers can do this so can we" and they went and started their own games. Both enjoyed their games till the Grinches got more jealous at all the Fun that both were having. They convinced the monkeys to start throwing bananas at the Reindeer and move their Monkey trees closer to the Reindeer's play grounds. That irritated a few Reindeer and they started to grumble and do things respectable Reindeer should not do.

That got Santa worried and so he decided that a new thing called A BADY BOY / GIRL BOOK be created and only the wisest of the ole Elf's could make take an action called SANCTIONS could be taken to the Reindeer if their names were entered in this new book.

Most of the reindeer were happy and all had great fun again. Some were not happy with this new thing at all. They got mad and left the reindeer games grumbling this is MY LEAGUE and we will start our own league with that name. The problem they had was they forgot to bring the RULES with them. Even the most disgruntled reindeer did not like that too much and didn't want to play in these new games without rules. The Grinches were angry that their plan was not working, and they said hmmm what a better way to make things more difficult is to have these new leagues Type everything in CAPS that will draw Reindeer away from the original purpose of having fun. The wisest of the elves whispered to the Eliters reindeer that is OK let them do that. We know better and eventually the ones that have wandered away will return and we will attract more reindeer when they see your just all about having fun.

Occasionally a few Reindeer will still wander away and then come back and grumble trying to get the other reindeer to listen to them. These lost reindeer really want to play very much they just lost their way somehow. The other Reindeer hear them shake their heads at times and simply say this please join us again and remind them of these few principles:

Eliters was created in the 1st place to get away from the Grinches --- Come and Play with us again its FUN, FAIR and OPEN to all Reindeer.

Were a Family League so be as cordial as possible and set the example to the younger Reindeer so they can learn and grow to be responsible Reindeer that just want to have Fun in a FRIENDLY atmosphere.

Don't worry about the food "yeps" too much Santa will find a way to feed out appetites.

Happy Holidays to ALL and Best Wishes in the New Year.

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