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Marty's Eliter World Travels Prepared by: percy_fitzhuggins
January 10, 2006 Newsletter - Interviews - What's Up Eliters!

Hi de hi folks,

I have been very lucky to travel places and meet Eliters all over the world and everyone has been wonderful. I started my travels July 2004 when I went to Winnipeg Canada taking my niece and nephew also mummy. It was summertime and weather lovely, those of you that know Winnipeg, know it can be freezing in the winter and hot in the summer, well Marty most places are warm in summer and cold in winter (yeppers scratches head).

Anyways lol when I was in Winnipeg i met lovexlaxpolka7 and we went out to the casino for a drink and a few spins on the pokies (fruit machines), I lost lol but love won a few dollars and she kindly gave me a few dollars and brought me a Big Mac lol. So it was great meeting my 1st Eliter on my travels in Canada.

After meeting such a lovely person I couldn't wait to meet more folks. You would think as I am from Sillyton in UK I would meet my fellow country folks. Tell the truth I don't know many UK Eliters, not nearby to me anyway. Felix and Mr. Tom are a bit away from me ,and Annette, gin players up north.

This year in January I went to Canada to surprise a dear friend on her birthday in winterpeg (thats Winnipeg) freezing cold weather -10 to -30 lol brrrrrrrrr. This time I thought hey Marty (thats me) your friend Leafzfan (my noble lord) lives in Toronto, I had played and spoken to him several times in hearty. I booked in a hotel near airport and he came to picked me up to take me out for a few beers and something to eat. Leafy came with his brother and picked me up, then I also knew debzgame was from Toronto so we had arranged to go and pick her up and go to a bar. We picked debz up at her house and hubby Chris, we then went to her local bar (8 days a week) only joking debz.

Wow it was a great night, we all played euchre live at a table not on computers with real cards, that was fun had some chicken wings and a few beers. Then we said our goodbyes to debz and Chris and as it was getting late it was a long back to hotel so leafy put me up at his parents house next door to his. What a lovely family, made me so welcome, shame I only had 2 days here.

Next day before my flight we visited the CN tower and I took them out to hardrock cafe which is enclosed Toronto stadium (baseball I think) to lunch. They kindly dropped me off at the airport and off Marty boy went.

Toronto is a great place and I met 3 wonderful Eliters. Since then I have met many more Eliters online from there - next time I visit Toronto, hopefully might arrange an Eliters tournament!

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