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Lord Percy: An Anglo-American-Dutch-Belgian beer experience Prepared by: beanie_the_meanie
January 22, 2006 Newsletter - Interviews - What's Up Eliters!

Lord Percy's travels lead him to Belgium again!

And this time i had the opportunity and great pleasure to spend a wonderful time in his Lord's company!

Bruges, with its renowned medieval town-center, was the place where Lady Angela better known as snowa1969nl and her husband Sir René, graced this Eliters get-together with their presence!

After "quickly" igniting liver function with some fries, chicken nuggets and giant burgers, we set out for a brisk "5"-minute walk to one of Bruges' oldest pubs: Cafe Vlissinghe, where our palates were pampered by some truly fine beers! Brugse zot (Bruges Lunatic), Westmalle Tripple, Hommelbier and Leffe bruin, garnished by cheese, salami and pickles!

Dinner was served in an "arthy" bistro at 8, after which we proceeded to Daisy's world-famous "Brugs Beertje", where you can taste and learn everything there is to know about all Belgian 6 Trappist beers.

If I hadn't had a 1 hour car-drive home, i would have stayed all night long, listening to Lord Percy's stories and tasting some more beers!

I am looking forward to meet his Lordship again soon, if only to "chouffe the bell" some more!


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