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Marty's Eliter World Travels - Part 6 Prepared by: percy_fitzhuggins
April 2, 2006 Newsletter - Interviews - What's Up Eliters!

Allo Folks,

Hoe gaat het met u (how are you), woohoo on part 6 now as in Sillyton 6 comes after 2 so parts 3, 4 and 5 will be up next.

After my great down under tour, I am back in Europe to the wonderful world of Belgium and to my favorite place in the world Brugge (bruges). As Beanie_the_meanie had said in her wonderful post Bruges is a medival town between Holland and France. It is my maybe 9th visit to this beautiful place and this time again it was a trip organized by Southampton's best beer shoper "Bitter Virtue". About 24 of us travelled on coach across on the ferry to sample a few beers. I know most of the folk aboard "the Jolly good beer beano" including my adopted mum and dad (Shelia and AL) made up by friends as i drink with them at many beer festivals. First stop was Veurne close to France in South Belgium, a beautiful square with lovely buildings and a few great places to drink at. After a couple of hours off to Bruges we headed and finally arrived about 8pm.

Not only was it a beer trip, but also a chance to meet snowa1969nl (i think its should be snowa1985nl her age) who i have been trying to meet on several occasions and also beanie_the_beanie. About 9.30 after Lord Percy thats me (Marty) had flemish stew at the curiosa bar, Princess Angela (a true princess), and Prince Rene of snowa came and met us for the first time and wow what wonderful folks, we hit it off straight away having a glass of Duvel (meaning Devil) each and laughing away.

I wanted to take them to my favourite bar De garre but unfortunately it was closed this time of year. So we headed off to Daisy's world-famous "Brugs Beertje" a wonderful bar with hundreds of beers. It was very busy withmy coach party were all ready in there, we went to the back bar that was packed but found a table, we chatted, drank and laughed all nite, wearing our silly hats. A group of youngsters next to us asked if we would join them on there table, 'on' meaning standing on the table drinking a bottle, I seem to attract folks wherever i go lol, well Marty likes to party, we all got on the table, sang and had a laugh. It was a great nite, Prince and Princess of Snowa headed back to their palace and we would meet up the next day for a tour around Bruges with tour guide Lord Percy (at your service).

Around noon after Marty been back and forth to the shops getting beer supplies (for me) and smokers for folks at home, I met up with Rene and Angela. The weather was very cold so "ovey" my very smart overcoat that i brought with me was also excited about being worn on this trip, he only comes out when very cold, so it was my pleasure to wear ovey. I took my guests around the perimeter of the town, the lovely canals of Bruges, windmills, very pleasant walk about 1.5 hours, through the lake of love, and many wonderful buildings, very beautiful indeed. At 2pm we visited a favourite brewery of mine for a couple of drinks.

Beanie_the_Meanie had phoned and we would meet about 3ish in the main square. After a couple of beers another silly t-shirt bought and glass we headed off to meet Sabine. The weather was very cold and finally we all met, wow cant Beanie talk lol.
After Mcdonalds lol I took my 3 guests to the oldest bar in Bruges, the Zlissinger were also a few of my coach party were. We all shared a few tales and enjoyed more beer. Wow Sabine is a beer expert, which was great as she told me of various beers etc. She's a lovely person but hey folks she madder then me lol.

I also brought with me on this trip, my dear friend La chouffy, my favorite hat, a pickie-come gnome hat with a bell on it.  Its been to Canada and all over the world with me, making me look very silly.  Sabine took a fancy to it straight away so I let her wear it all over Bruges and I put on my Christmas beer hat. remember folks, its Christmas every day in Sillyton.  So we all looked a picture in them.  I gave my pride and joy (hat) to Sabine as she would take care of him, and knewe it was going to a very nice person. I have his younger brother to wear at home. So please say hi to La Chouffy from me Sabine.

We had din dins and then I took them to Bruges Beertje again for a final farewell.  Along the way to the bar, Jim Carrey was also with us, well Marty being silly saying the mask voices of me Smokiiiiiin, somebody stopped me and a few showtimes aloud.  We had so much fun in the bar, Sabine speaking many languages to me and marty speaking a little French and sillytonish which is a language of its own (sillyness).  The time had come for Prince and Princess of Snowa and Madame Sabine to leave.

What a wonderful weekend, 3 more wonderful folks i have met.

What next for Marty, maybe a trip around USA or Canada.

That's all for now folks.



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