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Marty's Eliter World Travels - Part 3 Prepared by: percy_fitzhuggins
April 2, 2006 Newsletter - Interviews - What's Up Eliters!

What a wonderful time I had in Belgium, Marty was made so welcome that I booked my Eurostar train for September bank holiday weekend for Lanaken, Belgium again for 2005. Going on my own I met up with Best of Belguim and snoepietje in the wonderful town of Lanaken, close to the Dutch and German Borders.

After finding my way on the train okay, this time to Genk (Rob said lol dont go to Gent, another town in Belgium) both names similar, but Marty had his thinking head on today so all was okey dokey. For those of you not sure what Eurostar is, it is a train from Waterloo, London which travels through the Eurotunnel at Folkstone onward to Brussels or to Paris, France (not the one in Texas).  About 5 hours later, Marty arrived in Gent, my friends were there to pick me up. We had lots of laughs at the bar drinking, singing, dancing and having fun. I has dressed up as the Pope one nite, was so funny, Rob also dressed up as my understudy. Everyone thought I made a good Pope.

We watched footy, the 2 locals team Standard Liege and Genk, shame our team, Standard lost but they are doing well this season. I had a fantastic 3 days with my Belgium friends and will be back to visit them in February 2006. (lol, thats this week, yippee). Who was next that Marty was going to meet up with?

Off to wee Bonnie Scotland to the Capital Edinburgh to meet Mikey444u. This was in October 2005, I travelled by plane this time with my local airport at Eastleigh (Southampton airport). Low budget airlines at a great price and only takes just over an hour to fly from Southampton to Edinburgh. My drinking buddy Big Dave came with me for this short 3 day weekend trip. Not the Big Dave of Eliters, this friend has no computer. Being winter and Scotland, Marty thought it would be very chilly, but over the 3 days the weather was bright and warm for that time of year.

Edinburgh is a wonderful city, full of many attractions, one of which is the Castle. We visited the castle, spent a few hours looking around the place, very interesting and some great views over the city. I was to meet Mikey after visiting the castle for a few beers and many laughs. We met up outside the castle and headed off to a few bars lol. The Scottish accent is hard to follow, even for us in the UK. Lol but folks, Mikey is a wonderful, kind and friendly guy, every bit as fun as on the computer. After a few pubs we said our goodbyes, Mikey had to catch the train back to Glasgow.

I had another wonderful time on my travels meeting my 1st UK Eliter. If any Eliters want to hold an event, Edinburgh is the perfect place and Marty and Mikey will wear kilts. I have some Scottish blood in me, well my Grandad was born in Kirkwall, Orkney islands.

Coming soon at a computer near you , New Zealand and Australia

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