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Some Thoughts from an Old Fisherman Prepared by: prplbass53
April 3, 2006 Newsletter - Interviews - What's Up Eliters!

Crawls out from under the Rock – Reads the club post – Laughs, gets sad, and scratches my head all at the same time. First everyone has an opinion and all post made have a valid point. So bear with me as I write some thoughts ....

All games are competitive – by human nature – we love to Win as opposed to losing it is how we play the game that counts. (hmm who invented that phrase). There are some that are overly competitive (we are never going to change that), there are others that enjoy the game and play mostly for enjoyment but try real hard to win, and there are a few who are simply here for the pure enjoyment of it and could care less if they win or lose.

As in any other life situation you have to understand who you are playing with. When I spend a few hours with someone that wants to learn to play the game I ask a simple question – Who is the most important player at the table? Will not keep you in suspense to me the answer is your partner, others may disagree but this is my post.

PS vs SS Tourneys will never be solved. It is one of the things that makes Eliters Different. The other Leagues do not have PS Tourneys. Sure PS Tourneys are going to raise more questions then can ever be answered. Sue and Johnny (not real ID’s) always team up. Are they cheating or simply comfortable with each others playing style. I don’t play a whole lot of PS Tourneys. When I do play a PS tourney it is usually cause someone asked me to partner with them or I join cause I want to play at that time and I put the PW out in the lobby. Regardless I don’t see PS going away and it is a nice change now and then for those that enjoy them.

As far as rudeness or whatever word you want to use have seen, and have it all happen to me also. Spades is a partner game, and that is always going to present unique problems. Some people just hate losing. They forget it takes 2 to win, 2 to lose, and 2 to Concede a match. All I can say is set the example yourself to play as courteously as possible and hopefully it will catch on. I personally like to play the entire match and not concede but others will disagree with that also.

Old players with New IDs: Sure it is no secret that people do this and rarely is a secret for long for many reasons. In all my years in Eliters I have seen this league offer many chances to many people to adjust to the League policies (and ummm yes there are a few of them nasty rules). And yes am guilty of being one that does not read all and half the time I just join a tourney based on the numbers in. then sit and wonder what the heck I just joined. Who really cares if its an old shirt give them a chance. It may also be someone who just ran out of yeps, cannot afford to buy them and is using another ID to just play. It was their decision to change honor it.

Last point because am running out of room. Tired of being booted arrive early and stay there if possible. Will work for just about all SS tourneys, not in all PS ones. Cannot get a partner in a PS, don’t rely on the TD there are many times someone is also looking and has their PW in the lobby, they are not looking at the lobby either – Join Them.

Crawls back under the Rock – but will try and be back and try to play more often – My reasons for staying away are many mostly personal and someday I may explain it. Good luck to all and best wishes in your games

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